Mounting LED TVs

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LED TVs, which are gaining in popularity, are being manufactured with the future in mind. They come with new and advanced connections such as USB inputs, Infra-Red Pass Through ports, HDMI Instaports and PC inputs, which is one of the reasons why the LED TVs are considered wise investments for beyond the present. So for those people who decide to purchase a LED TV, there is reason to feel good about their decision. These LED TVs that come with excellent connectivity equipment need a few other items to maximize their usage and maintain their aesthetic quality.

The first thing potential LED TV buyers probably do before they even go and make their purchase is to imagine that flat screen in their wall or picture it standing on something. Thus, one of the first things a LED TV will need is a place to hang. Mounting a LED TV on the wall is not like hanging a picture frame for decoration. There are a number of things to consider, such as whether to mount the panel on the wall, the ceiling or a floor stand. The wall would make the sleek LED TV, which is usually not more than 4 inches thick, look like a poster on with moving images.

This method practically takes up zero floor space, thus is a popular choice among LED TV owners. However, it must be remembered that LED TVs are still televisions with connectivity equipments and cables, unlike a static picture frame. So, owners need to chart out the perfect way to conceal these connecting cables and unsightly wires to preserve its beauty. Moreover, mounting a LED TV onto the wall needs precision in measurement. Besides that some skills in drilling and perfectly mounting the panel is also necessary. Any mistakes would cause an arduous task to rectify, apart from resulting in unsightly alterations to the walls.

There are basically two methods to hide protruding wires from sight, which are by running them through the wall or camouflaging them to make them appear as part of the wall. Running cables through the walls requires two holes to be cut in the wall; one to put the wires in from the back of the LED Television set, and the other to bring them out. This method is relatively easy to carry out and delivers a pleasant outcome, at a slightly higher cost. However, it can turn out to be a daunting task if the owner decides to move the panel elsewhere, as it will involve patching the wall. It will also incur additional cost to do so.

The other method, called camouflaging, is much cheaper. It is the easiest way LED TV owners can take on to keep the cables away from view. All it requires is the normal wall-mounted channels for wiring. These channels, which come with circular edge design, can be disguised easily into blend in with the wall. It is almost invisible, in between the LED TV panel and the equipment rack, after it is painted with the color that matches the room. This is the easiest and least damaging technique as it does not require any drilling or patching the wall. Its simplicity enables LED TV owners to do it themselves, realizing it takes such little time and cost to hide those big cables that connect to the LED TV the energy source. This makes it possible for owners to enjoy the flat panel in all its elegance. Another way to mount a LED TV would be using a flat panel floor stand. These floor stands are available for up to 60 inches.

The good things about utilizing these pedestal mounts are that they enable the LED TV owner to conceal all those bulky wires and cables in its central supporting column. Keeping all connecting cables totally out of view, this flat panel pedestal does not have any issues about causing detriment to a LED TVs aesthetic value. Among the popular flat panel floor stands is the Sanus PFF2B Universal and the OmniMount G3 –FP – DARK flat panel floor stand that can hold up to 60-inch HDTV.

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