Is There A Right Size For A LED TV?

January 19, 2010 by

The LED TVs that are available in the market come in a variety of sizes, giving consumers a whole world of choices. The large screens would definitely pose as the greatest temptations as they promise an experience that could equal watching a movie in the cinema. However, there are a few things potential LED TV owners need to consider when picking the panels that stimulate the lust of their eyes. One of it is the size of the room where they plan to place the television. This is important because it has to do with the viewing distance of the LED TV. If this is not taken into consideration, the consumer might end up purchasing a panel that is too small for a room, so compact that it results in wasted space.

Worse still, they might buy that big screen that is too large for their limited space, too wide that they could not get the further distance to enjoy the view. Most of today’s flat screen televisions are made of firmly composed pixels that release a gamut of light colors and levels to produce a picture. If a person gets near enough to a large screen, he or she can differentiate between the distinct pixels that are kept together in a grid. On the other end, if one moves a further distance from the flat panel, lack of image precision will be experienced. In order to get that picture perfect view, consumers need to find that middle ground of balanced distance. That centre distance would give consumers a clear image from whichever angle they are seated, helping to create that cinematic effect they so crave for.

There is loads of information that could assist potential LED TV buyers to find the suitable viewing distance. Many of these informational pieces provide tables and explanations. However, there is an easier method that would be buyers might like to try before checking out the local store. It is called the 2 – 5 principle. This principle takes slightly different approaches to the Standard Definition and High Definition LED television because they have an effect on the quality of picture. A High Definition television would require less viewing space as its images would be clearer. If a person wants to buy High Definition LED TV, he or she needs to make sure that the nearest seating should be around 1.5 times the screen’s width. As for the furthest seating position, it should be less than 4 times the width of the screen for best viewing results. As far as Standard Definition LED TVs are concerned, the similar principle applies, only using an exact 2 and 5 for multiplication purpose.

If a person is planning to buy the Standard Definition LED TV, the optimum viewing space would be two times the screen’s width for the nearest seating and less than 5 times the screen’s width for the furthest seating. This principle can be easily applied by the potential LED TV buyer with use of his or her imagination in mentally picturing where to position the LED TV in their home. The potential LED TV buyer can experiment viewing distances by rearranging the chairs or sofa set in the home to get a feel of the most comfortable distance for viewing.

Generally, larger flat screen panels are more suitable for larger areas where everyone in the house can experience a good view. Likewise, smaller spaces could do with a smaller set. A basic guide would be that televisions around 19 inches or below would be most suitable for small bedrooms, children’s rooms, study rooms or for computer and gaming purposes. A 22 to 26 inch television would better suit smaller living rooms, bedrooms or computer gaming purposes. Televisions between 32 to 37 inches would better decorate a master bedroom or a medium living room besides providing better gaming experience.

Those flat screen panels that range from 40, 42 and 46 inches would look good on the wall of a more spacious living room besides serving as home cinema. And needless to say, those flat panels that begin from 50 to 60 inches and above would create such a desirable and pleasurable experience as a mini theater or home cinema, and prove that a LED TV is the television of the future. After taking all this into consideration, all the potential customer has to do about a determining a LED TV size for sure, is to simply drop by at a retail shop to get a real life look and feel, to confirm his or her doubts and assurances.

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