New Mitsubishi Unisen Immersive Sound LED TVs

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Mitsubishi recently unveiled their newest invention on the TV department: Unisen Immersive Sound LED TVs. These products will make most home theater system obsolete. The size of these screens will be between 40 and 55 inches, which is great for those who want to get a bigger TV. The immersive sound technology used in the development of these units will eliminate the need of extra speakers, which means that you will enjoy watching movies from the first day you buy the TV, without having to shop for a sound system.

This new set of TVs comes with many new features. Those who want to protect the environment will be happy to hear that the backlight model is more energy efficient than some of the models used on most LCD TVs.

When it comes to sound, there are many factors that make the Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV one of the best you can find. There are 16 intelligent speakers hidden in these units and they will be able to recreate the surround sound usually offered by 5.1 channel systems.

Streaming will be possible through StreamTV, a library which will connect to various websites including Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.

Those who want to listen to music without buying an extra set of speakers will take advantage of the Bluetooth Audio Streaming technology. Your iPod, iPhone or any other mp3 player that comes with a Bluetooth connection can be linked to these TVs and you can start listening to your favorite songs in just a few seconds.

You should keep an eye out for three series: 154, 164 and 265. The LEDs found in the 164 series will bring some extra features, suck as Wireless internet and advanced video calibration. The price of these TVs will vary depending on the series and the size of the screen. The cheapest model will cost around $1,700 and it is a 40-inch TV from the 164 series. The most expensive LED screen is no cheaper than $3,199, but it is a full 15 inches larger than the cheapest Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV.

Anyone who wants to get the most advanced TV on the market should take a look at this Mitsubishi LED TV. It comes with many features which most LEDs don’t include, a reasonable price tag and incredible sound capabilities.

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