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Samsung announced 3 new LED backlit model ranges at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010, and the 6 series is the lowest, both in terms of pricing and features. While it uses the same LED backlight as Series 7 and 9 ranges, it lacks the 240Hz motion processing of the Series 8 models.

The UN55B6000 is promoted under the Luxia brand, and the three models under the 6 series are UN55B6000 (55-inch), UN46B6000 (46-inch) and UN40B6000 (40-inch).

The Samsung UN55B600 sports a minimalist look, with a single piece of glass forming the bezel. Some amber tint is visible, something which Samsung describes as Touch of Color. A small Samsung logo marks the brand in the middle bottom of the bezel. There are also some touch controls on the bottom right corner, and indicator lights appear only when users touch these controls.

At the back are screw holes for a VESA mount, so that users may opt to have it wall mounted if not standing on a table. There are some connections ports at the back, leaving the sides clean, logically too, as the panel is thin at only 1.19”.

Purchase comes with a stylish mount, which is a single piece of glass protruding from an aluminum base. Samsung has also announced a new mount which is only 0.6” thick to complement this design.

For this model, Samsung claims that it uses 40% less electricity than a similarly sized model from their 2008lineup. Although Samsung is not top 5 among the list of Greenpeace green ranking during CES 2010, it still works towards environmental friendliness by stating that this model lacks mercury to make it easier for recycling, and less likely to harm small animals if users do throw them out. This system is also Energy Star ® certified.

A mini remote, a remote control, a stand and screws for assembly, batteries for both remote controls, safety instructions, a user manual and a warranty also comes with purchase besides the unit itself.

Setting up the Samsung UN55B6000
Setting up the Samsung UN55B6000 is effortless and users only need to fit one screw to mount this ultra-slim unit.

While the Samsung UN55B6000 has a lot to offer, users may find that the four-page manual does not give enough information to lead the direction correctly. There is a flash drive included during purchase and users are not told what the flash drive is for. Actually it contains a manual for the unit but it is not useful to readers, first because it is not user friendly, and second because it comes in an uncommon file format. Users will find better help referring to the manual that can be downloaded from Samsung’s official site.

This Samsung innovation includes an Infolink feed which allows the display to run small programs called Widget to grab data from the Internet. The connection comes from the regular broadband. Widget system is created by Yahoo, and it grabs information such as stock prices, news feeds, photos and many more. Users may also use portable devices with the USB port available. Meanwhile, the new DLNA wireless standard allows PCs and media centers to connect to the display, but it needs an additional wireless adapter. Overall, there are four HDMI input, one component slot, two USB ports, one Ethernet jack, one PC input, and one optical digital audio output.

The biggest feature on the new UN55B6000 is the new LED backlighting system. Samsung claims that this feature contributes greatly to the reduced power consumption. This eco-friendliness is one of the most attractive features that influenced users purchase greatly. Samsung claims that this LED HDTV can save more than 40% more power than other LCD TVs. Plus, it is mercury-free, which helps easier recycling.

Its 100Hz Motion Plus is another feature that makes Samsung proud of this model. This feature helps processing, smoothing motions and eliminating artifacts in the colors. Also, the UN55B6000 enjoys an incredible range of brightness with a Mega contrast of 3 million:1.

Its Wide Color Enhancer Pro with LED gamut ensures vibrant colors, and it is another feature that helps the LED HDTV to create a wider range of natural colors. With all these advanced color technology, users may also view digital pictures downloaded with a USB 2.0 connection. The USB2.0 allows connection to an MP3 player or USB memory stick for music, too.


Users will find that this tv delivers a sense of depth that gives a 3-dimensional illusion. The viewing angle is comparatively wide, and contrast only start falling off at about 40 degrees off axis. This system employs Samsung’s new 100Hz Motion Plus processing, claiming smoother motion. Users may enjoy the benefits of not having artifacts in the colors. At the same time, the incredible range of brightness that the system provides is due to the Mega contrast of 3 million:1.

For colors, Samsung offers an extended color gamut, the Wide Color Enhancer Pro. This feature enables the LED HDTV to create wider range of natural colors, even with subtler ones. Hence, users may enjoy movies without experiencing some of the more obvious color glare such as those frequently encountered with older LCD tv. However, there is still a mild problem with the color blue, which seems to be tinged in black.

Samsung’s dual speakers are faced downwards, and they include a subwoofer to boost the bass tones. It uses SRS TruSurround HD sound effect system. Therefore, sounds are better and an average user may find it sufficient without the need for more speakers systems.

Pros and Cons
The Samsung UN55B6000 is a trendy, modern ultra-slim design, and it has an aspect ratio of 16:9, supporting full HD with 1080p resolution of 1920 x 1080. This system carries the SAMSUNG Eco Mark, which shows that it is one of Samsung’s many innovative eco-friendly appliances.

Although the Samsung looks like an almost perfect system, users may find that the screen is less uniform than most other systems out there. The viewing angle is also not as good compared to other systems, and sometimes the backlight fluctuates depending on the program brightness. Another issue is the blue tinge in black. While the shiny screen may be a great modern design, it also causes reflection.

Being one of the world’s slimmest LED HDTV in the market, Samsung UN55B6000 has a lot to offer for a comparatively fair price. The broadcast quality upholds Samsung’s quality performance while complemented with audio that includes a subwoofer for the bass tones. The natural, rich colors are attributed to the Wide Color Enhancer Pro technology, although improvements could be made to ensure stability of the backlight to avoid fluctuations.

The review above applies to the Samsung 6 Series, including UN55B6000 for 55”, UN40B6000 for 40”, UN32B6000 for 32” and UN46B6000 for 46”.  However, for smaller models, there may not be a support for Media 2.0 features that allow access to Yahoo Widgets.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I don’t know why people say that buying a Samsung is just like buying a lottery, because we love it! My three sons and I watch it for sports, and my wife, 2 daughters and mother-in-law watch it for their sitcoms. We’ve got this TV in the main living area, with three sides full on glass doors from edge to edge, so you can imagine that the room is really bright during the day. But it’s still very clear and visible. There are so many of us, but we have nothing to complain about the viewing angle.

  2. anonymouz says:

    The rest are ok, just the set-up. The manual sucks! Everything was just trial and error before I got it right. If it was not a 55”, I would have thrown it out of my window due to frustration. But okay, never mind. After the setting up, everything looks fine.

  3. Sher14 says:

    I love it. Pictures were clear, and colors were fantastic. But there can be some patches for some solid black colors, but that’s okay because it’s usually just for the credits at the end of the movie.

  4. Mike789 says:

    I’ve no problems with this, maybe because I had already planned to buy it, read everything I can about it, and downloaded the manual ready from Samsung site and read everything before I actually bought the unit.

    Splendid set!

  5. anonymous says:

    There are backlight bleeding at the corners. Also, there’s something very strange about the brightness… something like the screen changes, then the tv realise that it’s changed, and then gradually adjust the luminosity, is it trying to do things subtly in the hope of not alarming me as a viewer?

    But it’s too slow, it looks weird.

  6. Anonymous123 says:

    I thought I could mount it on the wall but NOOOO… the connections are all at the back, and the recess is shallow. Cant’ do. Right now it’s sitting on the floor because I need to go get a table or something to place it since I can’t mount it on the wall anymore.

  7. Leight says:

    Expensive but worth it. I won’t go into the details because this review article already has everything about it and I agree totally. And one plus thing is my kid can’t make noise about wanting to connect his PS2 on it because the PS2 only has analog outputs. And I’m not getting him a PS3 anytime soon, not until he shows me very good grades this year. I’m not technical either, so I can only say that this TV is beautiful.

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