The New LG LX9500 3D LED TV

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The LG LX9500 is the first Full LED 3D TV in the world. This product was unveiled recently and there are many features that are quite exciting. This TV is only 22.3 mm slim, just under one inch, and it has a dynamic contrast of 10.000.000:1. You will be able to find this TV in sizes between 47 and 55 inches, but only at the end of May.

The main attraction of the LG LX9500 is that anyone can now capture 3D video and watch it directly on their TV, with the help of a pair of glasses, but without converting the files. These aren’t your typical glasses either. They can be recharged by connecting them to your computer through an USB cable and once the battery is full, you will be able to watch 40 hours worth of movies. The AG-S100 glasses will block each of the lenses alternatively for the ultimate immersive 3D effect. Shutter glasses are popular at the moment, but these LED TVs will feature polarized glasses too and they will range from 42 to 150 inches in the future.

LG plans to dominate the market with 25% of the total number of 3D TVs this year and they will create more than 80 million TVs until 2014. The plan doesn’t stop there. They are also trying to create 3D LCDs, plasmas and Blu-ray players. If this wasn’t enough, you should also expect a LG Full HD 3D projector in the following years.

The LG LX9500 is a 1080p TV and it can contain up to 1200 LEDs which will offer a refresh rate of 480Hz. The TV looks like a simple, large screen because the margin is close to invisible and the speakers can’t be seen from any angle. Many potential buyers will enjoy the SkypeTM feature, which makes the TV perfect fro Video Calls. You can connect external devices through a USB port.

The smallest LG LX9500 will go a little over $4,100, which can be considered a bargain if you are looking for a slim 3D TV.


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