What are LED TVs?

January 19, 2010 by

The latest technology in High Definition Television (HDTV) has produced a new breed of television called LED TVs. LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diodes and the LED TV jargon has been popularized by companies such as Samsung, Philips, LG Electronics, Toshiba, ProScan and Vizio. Otherwise, they should be called LED-backlit LCD television. The current LCD televisions use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps for its backlight displays while the introduction of this new technology has simply replaced the backlights with LEDs. In other words, the LED TV is basically a normal LCD that utilizes LED lights instead of Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps.

Backlights play a crucial role in any LCD television as it is the very reason that makes images visible on the screen. With the ability to emit very limited light, or any at all, the images on a LCD display cannot do without backlights. The LCD display in a LED TV can be illuminated in 2 ways. One of it is called an “edge lit” where LEDs are placed surrounding the outer edge of the LCD display. This allows light to be directed inwards while maintaining the original width of the screen. While fluorescent light rods consume space in the conventional LCD TV, LEDs provide a source of light from the perimeter, thus recovering the space consumed by the fluorescent lamps. The other method is by placing LEDs from corner to corner, across the whole back of the LCD display. Judging in terms of power efficiency, both methods are known to better than LCD and plasma televisions that utilize fluorescent lamps as their backlights.

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